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What kind of mattress should I choose?

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03 November 2023 15:28:24

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                It is said that we should sleep at least 6-8 hours so that the body and mind can rest and recharge fully. Therefore, we should choose a mattress that is perfectly suited to our body and preferences. So what kind of mattress should I choose?

                Preliminary factors Age is one thing that should be taken into account. What kind of mattress should you choose for children, adults, the elderly, including matters of Body weight and budget So that we can choose a mattress to meet our needs. At the right price

                Size of the mattress Should be chosen to suit the size of the space and usage, starting with a size of 3.5 feet suitable for sleeping 1 person, a size of 5 feet suitable for sleeping 1-2 people, and a large size 6 feet suitable for sleeping 2 people with ease.

                Type of mattress Each type of mattress has properties. and give different sleeping sensations. Let's talk about 3 types that most people like to use. They are easy to find and buy. There are many price ranges to choose from.

                Spring mattresses are suitable for people who like a soft, bouncy feel. With a flexible spring Supports our weight and body well. The pocket spring mattress Even if the person next to you Move your body back and forth. We were still able to sleep soundly all night. Because each spring has separate functions. In addition, spring mattresses are breathable. Answers the question of softness Sleep and feel cool.

                Latex mattresses such as real rubber mattresses Compression and hybrid latex mattresses. The advantage of latex mattresses is that they are soft but firm. Does not collapse easily, suitable for people with back pain, the elderly, as well as people with allergies because it does not retain dust and moisture. For real latex mattresses, they are strong, durable, long-lasting, flexible and more natural than compacted ones. As for the hybrid model, it is a good option for those who want a healthy mattress. There are many types available in the market, with the top still being made of rubber. The bottom is strong and supports weight well.

                Memory foam mattresses are soft and popularly used in the medical field. For post-surgery patients or paralysis patients The advantage is that it supports weight and distributes pressure well. Highly flexible When sleeping, it reduces body aches, back pain, shoulder pain, but there are no ventilation holes. Sleeping may not be as cool and comfortable as spring and rubber mattresses.

                 Softness: Choosing the best mattress is to try it yourself. Sometimes mattresses are expensive. It may not be the best mattress for us. It depends on each person's preferences, sleep, and body. There are also levels of softness to choose from. From standard, medium to quite tight. Now that you've gotten to this point, you probably have to try (sleeping) yourself first. Before deciding to buy