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Time Management For success in life

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08 May 2024 11:44:11

Pornsaran Rungcharoenkitkul. (2024, March), Time Management For success in life: Gourmet & Cuisine:                122     

            There is a saying, “We can have whatever we want in life. But we can't have everything.” That's the real challenge. in managing our limited time It's not about how to get everything done. But how to make the smartest decision to say no to what isn't? In order to focus on the matters that matter most

Select the desired achievement goal.

            Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world, once answered the question of a private pilot. which asks how to prioritize priorities in life The suggestion is to come up with a list of 25 things that you want most in life, sort them in order of importance and select the top 1-5 to allocate time to working on those dreams. to succeed The remaining 20 items are to be discarded. Because it is not important enough to be central to life. But it can distract us from what is most important.

Use the principle of "pay yourself first"

            Imitate the way you manage your personal finances. Which has proven to be very successful, that is, when you receive your salary, you immediately allocate a portion of it to savings first. It's about paying yourself first. Then pay from the remaining money. The same principles apply to time management if an activity is really important, with the first hour of each day working on your most important project. And protect our time by scheduling meetings with yourself. so that other matters will not be able to insert in its place

Limit "work in process"

             Most people tend to start multiple times. Projects at the same time to give the impression that there is progress in many things, but in reality there is no progress at all. Because each time we start to feel that the project is difficult or boring. We can easily switch to other projects instead. The alternative is to set a fixed limit on the amount of work we allow ourselves to do at any given time. It is recommended that there should not be more than 3 items. Once these items are selected, other time needs You will have to wait until 1/3 of the item has been completed. We may abandon impossible projects halfway to make space.