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Ideas for a comfortable garden home

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11 April 2024 14:50:04

Chatphon Kaewwiset. (2024, February), Ideas for a comfortable garden home: House and Garden, Year                   78, Issue 570: 19-22

            In addition to managing public utilities for use in Home is now convenient. An additional thing that should be considered is the house that should be consistent with weather conditions that are different from those in the city. There are ideas for designing a garden house for comfortable living as follows:

            Opening compartment that can be opened and closed. So that the wind can blow through thoroughly and reduce the intensity of storms when necessary. such as making a wall Folding doors that open open like the basement of a house. But it can be completely closed..

            Create cool comfort with a water reservoir Humidity at a level that allows people in the house to breathe easily and comfortably. The pond should be dug to a depth of more than 1 meter so that the water can reduce the temperature of the wind blowing through and bring coolness into the house, creating a comfortable feeling.

            Long overhanging eaves serve as protection from the sun. Design long overhanging eaves to create shade on the walls of the house that receive a lot of sunlight, such as the south and west. If the length is more than 1 meter, the structure should be reinforced to help support the weight.

            Design the layout of the house so that breezes can pass through it well, such as planning a group of houses connected by terraces. The walkway between the houses will be a channel for wind to pass through. This allows natural wind to reach every part of the house, helping with ventilation and heating.

            Design the house structure to be built-in furniture. Areas around the outside branches of the house, such as verandas, balconies, and terraces, should be selected with furniture that will not be damaged when exposed to the sun and rain. Or adapt the structure to make it more useful than before by making the fall protection wider into a sturdy bench. No need to run to collect on stormy days.

            Raise the basement of the house. The basement is a very useful space that can help protect food at the same time. Because it helps in ventilating the lower part of the house and releasing moisture that evaporates from the soil surface. and in the rainy season when there is flooding Raising the basement will open the way for water to flow through easily.

            Tips to protect your home from termites safely Harmless to plants and pets.

             Home gardens that have a termite extermination system installed will create a toxic soil environment that is dangerous to pets. and plants contaminated with chemicals Therefore, it is recommended to choose a bait system for termite extermination. The termites will take the bait to the nest to distribute as food for others to eat and gradually the entire nest will die. This system has the advantage of being easy to install. No need to run underground pipes and does not leave toxic residue in building structures or in the soil