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Medical innovations by Thai people

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21 September 2022 10:46:12

Wipawan Inwakul. (2022, July-August), Medical innovations by Thai people : substance industry 64 : 40-41

        The skill of Thai people is second to none in terms of medical knowledge. especially in terms of innovation that has been continuously developed. including the invention of high-tech inventions to facilitate Simplify the work of healthcare professionals and meet the needs of patients from 5 innovative works.

        Inspectra CXR AI system reduces time spent reading X-ray film. Come to read film values with artificial intelligence system "Inspectra CXR", a solution to the problem of taking a long time to read chest x-ray film values. It can read up to 17 common conditions in the lungs such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, enlarged heart, lung nodules. With high accuracy and sensitivity up to 95 percent and increasing the efficiency of healthcare facilities to accommodate more patients Perceptra personalized titanium prosthesis When the finished prosthesis is not fit for

        All innovations in the manufacture of titanium implants that fit the individual's physique, including covering By bringing the knowledge of all 3 parts, namely, metallurgical engineering 3D printing techniques and medical knowledge Together with the design with AI, it is used to produce the work meticulously. Through international standard 3D printing technology to obtain titanium implants that are close to organs. original part of the patient and meet different needs

        Cortex, a hospital management platform that focuses on two main systems, the "CORTEX Workflow" system, helps manage the path and experience of outpatient services, starting from appointment, check-in, which can be done through the application. to dispensing medicines The “CORTEX ER” will help manage the emergency department in assessing symptoms and prioritizing treatment urgency.

        Space walker, an intelligent walking assistant Innovation to help patients walk after physical therapy "Space walker", a device designed to help and restore the patient's walking training with abnormal walking With the operation of 3 important parts, namely the dynamic weight support mechanism. to reduce the muscle strength used to practice walking Weak leg lifting system For some patients who are unable to lift their legs and step on their own. and fall protection system Increase safety and build confidence in patients Make walking training more effective.

        Chiiwii, an application to consult with doctors online 24 hours a day with specialists in many fields. both modern medicine such as women's health Anti-aging skin, ears, throat, nose, including traditional Chinese medicine and psychiatrist consultants. It has a team of medical specialists up to 120 people and has a hassle-free service model. Start by filling out the history Choose a medical team and deliver medicines to your home In addition, there are health articles from reliable sources, convenient, knowledgeable, and accessible to treatment like having a personal doctor.