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Salt Substitutes and Health Effects : Gourmet & Cuisine

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2021-11-29 14:42:46

Asst. Prof. Dr. Chatpa Hattakosol. (2021, September), Salt Substitutes and Health Effects : Gourmet &                  Cuisine. (254) : 66-67

        Table salt or sodium chloride salt Contains 2 types of minerals, sodium and chloride. Sodium is a mineral that helps to maintain the balance of the body's fluid system. In general, people get sodium from food intake.

Sodium chloride plays a huge role in the food industry. Because it's cheap and versatile. Whether it is used to produce salty condiments such as fish sauce, soy sauce, or for food preservation.

Most of the problems encountered are the consumption of salt in excess of the body's needs. And if consumed continuously will affect blood pressure levels, causing high blood pressure. This is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and kidney disease. Therefore, reducing salt intake can reduce the risk of developing these diseases.

Nowadays, when people pay more attention to health care. Therefore, there are many types of seasoning products with reduced sodium salt formula available. By reducing the amount of sodium salt by 40-70%, but will use other salt substitutes instead, such as potassium salt. magnesium salt calcium salt, etc.

Some people mistakenly believe that reducing sodium is safe for health. and can be consumed in the desired quantity A widely used salt substitute. is potassium chloride salt Its salinity is 30% of NaCl. and can help lower blood pressure This product is suitable for general consumers who want to take care of their health and patients with high blood pressure. but in patients with kidney disease cardiovascular disease You should be careful and consult your doctor if using this product.

Therefore, for good health, salt intake should be reduced. By choosing foods that are low in sodium salt. Avoid processed, fermented foods. If shopping for pre-packaged foods, you can check the sodium content on the nutrition label. And should reduce the addition of salty seasonings in food.

In case of chronic disease and want to use reduced sodium seasoning formula. Should consult a doctor before choosing.